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  • How to Help your Candidates Relax at an Interview

    13 Jun 2023

    Candidates will more often than not give their best performance at an interview when they feel relaxed, comfortable and welcomed. We've just a few tips here that you should bear in mind next time you're interviewing to make sure you let the candidate perform as well as they can:

  • Keeping Your Candidates Happy - Even When There's Bad News

    12 Jun 2023

    In my experience managing a Jobs Board, I hear from candidates who are excited about a potential new role but are dismayed when they don’t hear any response from the recruiters. We always encourage recruiters to let all candidates know the outcome of their job application and the reason for that outcome.

  • Preventing Discrimination in Recruitment

    12 Jun 2023

    The Equality Act in the UK is designed to protect job applicants from discrimination based on what are termed “protected characteristics” - a list of attributes that are protected by law and which it is illegal to discriminate based on.  Recruiters should be aware of these and ensure that everyone involved in their recruitment process is up to speed on them. It can be very costly, both reputationally and financially, to be caught on the wrong side of a discrimination case.

  • Securing Top Talent

    09 Jun 2023

    Good businesses know that they are only as good as the people who are working for them, and that is why securing the services of top talent is so important in terms of growth and the bottom line. For these reasons, every business wants to secure top talent in their field, and there are several ways to make your business more attractive to these exceptional people.

  • Probation, Trial Period or Fixed Term Contract: Which is Best?

    09 Jun 2023

    There are several options available to employers when it comes to offering contracts to new employers. Some of these include periods of increased monitoring to ensure that the successful candidate or candidates are up to the task. The increased managerial oversight of a particular employee can sometimes increase the workload for managers. This doesn’t have to be something negative.