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  • Recruiting From Your Local Community

    20 Jun 2023

    Local businesses can have a significant and very positive impact on their local community. Developing your reputation locally to the point where regular applications are coming in from the local community at a rate higher than your natural staffing attrition rate is a great place to be. Let’s address why you’d want people from the local community working for you.

  • Marketing Tips for Recruiters

    19 Jun 2023

    There’s a lot of competition in the recruitment industry, which makes standing out as a recruiter or a recruitment agency difficult. Businesses are sick of getting the same sales pitches and email messages, so standing out among the crowd is essential; therefore, your company’s marketing strategy must be unique. Coming up with a unique marketing strategy means thinking outside the box. You need to think of creative ways of marketing your company.

  • The Best Interview Techniques

    19 Jun 2023

    A job interview can be as daunting for an interviewer as it is for the interviewee. Whilst it is an opportunity for you to determine whether a candidate is qualified and suitable for the job vacancy, it also represents a chance for an interviewee to decide whether your organisation is a good fit for them and to voice any questions they may have about the role or company.

  • What's the best Recruitment Process?

    16 Jun 2023

    We all want a good selection of candidates to apply for the jobs we advertise, and more importantly, we want high-quality applications. If you’re not getting the results you need, have you ever wondered if your application process is right for you?

  • 5 Great Reasons to Advertise Jobs Online

    16 Jun 2023

    In today’s jobs market, many recruiters find it increasingly challenging to find the right staff. The once-popular jobs pages in the local papers are no longer as successful simply because of the reduced lack of interest in reading the ‘paper’, so employers are having to look for candidates elsewhere.

  • Persuade your Perfect Applicant to accept your Job Offer

    15 Jun 2023

    Many of our recruiters have faced that disappointing situation when they’ve advertised the job, shortlisted, interviewed and found the perfect candidate. Suddenly, the candidate throws a spanner in the works, walking away from the offer. If you want to increase your chances of getting your perfect candidate on board, read our tips below to see what you could do differently:

  • Looking for Project Staff?

    15 Jun 2023

    Ever wondered whether you need to bring in a new employee or a self-employed contractor to work on your exciting new project? It’s a big question for any business, and both have pros and cons, but the best solution depends on many factors. To make things simpler, we’re going to break it all down here.

  • Making Recruitment Work for Candidates with Disabilities

    14 Jun 2023

    Recruitment processes can be complex or challenging at the best of times, with employers always trying to make sure they find the right ways of attracting quality applications from the best candidates. Have you ever wondered if your processes are stopping some great people from applying simply because they have a disability?

  • Challenging Your Candidates - 5 of the Best Interview Questions

    14 Jun 2023

    Interviews are the element of the recruitment process you rely on most to make your final selection decision. You'll be able to test a candidate's technical knowledge and competence and get to know them to an extent. For some candidates, the usual interview questions are a doddle - technically, they could be fantastic, but equally, they could just be well-versed in giving the 'right' response to those competency-related questions.

  • Recruiters - What do your Applicants want from you?

    13 Jun 2023

    For all recruiters, the focus is usually on filling the job with a quality candidate, keeping the hiring manager happy, and ensuring they want to use your services again (whether you're an agency or an internal recruiter). Although these are the major focal points for recruiters, there is also another group you need to keep happy, so we are going to ask: