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  • How to grab a Candidate's Attention by Email

    16 Aug 2023

    If you’re recruiting, and you usually take the initial step to email candidates to alert them to a potential job match, are you sure your emails are getting the right attention?

  • Flexible Working: Benefits for Employees and Employers

    15 Aug 2023

    What may surprise many is that flexible working doesn’t just benefit employees, but it also substantially benefits businesses as well. In studies related to remote working, it was found that the majority of companies already embrace hiring remote and flexible workers.

  • How To Help Your Candidates Relax At Interview

    15 Aug 2023

    Candidates will more often than not give their best performance at an interview when they feel relaxed, comfortable and welcomed. We've just a few tips here which you should bear in mind next time you're interviewing, to make sure you let the candidate perform as well as they can:

  • Creating a Diverse Workplace

    14 Aug 2023

    Having a diverse mixture of staff can really help improve the work environment and the business as a whole. When we say diversity, people will often think this just means gender, ethnicity, age and cultural background, however it’s not just that. Diversity also means bringing together different mindsets to improve the way your business flows.

  • Do you Inspire your Employees?

    14 Aug 2023

    According to new research, 58 percent of employees are rarely or never inspired by the leader of the company they work for. This is quite poor as leadership is a quality that is usually regarded as being in high demand when it comes to being the boss of a company or organisation. There are all manner of issues where employees will look to their bosses for leadership and some of these include things like how to manage work-life balance, read more about our advice and views below.

  • Preventing Discrimination

    11 Aug 2023

    Despite workplace discrimination being illegal, it still persists. Thousands of people report job discrimination each year, however employers are rarely held accountable. Discrimination is classed as the unfair and unequal treatment of a person because they possess a particular characteristic or view.

  • Team Building Events and Wellbeing

    11 Aug 2023

    Office parties or office networking events are two of the many ways to improve teamwork, build a better working environment and contribute to positive wellbeing at work. You don’t need a special occasion to arrange these types of events - they could be things you choose to do on a monthly basis, or ad hoc, and involving colleagues in the organisation of these will go a long way to improving employee engagement.

  • Targeting Talent - The Challenges of Hiring the Perfect Candidate

    10 Aug 2023

    There are many challenges when it comes to recruiting staff, but one of the main hiring headaches in this modern day is attracting and placing the right candidates! Whether it’s because of competition from other recruiters or businesses, or an exacting person specification for a job, many recruiters and HR teams find recruiting good candidates their biggest challenge. Have a look at our top tips for hiring:

  • Building up your Online Reputation as a Recruiter

    10 Aug 2023

    When it comes to building up your reputation as a recruiter, it’s important you know how to market yourself online, as well as in person. This is one of the most important things you can do as a recruiter, in order to ensure your future success. It may feel like a lot of hard work to sort out but it will be worth it in the end.

  • Refreshing your Candidate Attraction Strategies

    09 Aug 2023

    A job in recruitment can be an exciting and rewarding career, but like many other roles, if you want to do well, it will require focus, determination and masses of sheer hard work. Whether you’re new to recruitment or have been working in the sector for a long time, keeping your strategies up to date and understanding the ever-changing market is vital.