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  • Keeping Your Candidates Happy – Even when there’s bad news

    09 Aug 2023

    Employers have difficult decisions to make when we’re recruiting: who to shortlist and interview, and who to hire. Recruitment can be a tough process, and it’s just as tough for the candidates searching for their next career move. In my experience managing a Jobs Board, I hear from candidates who are excited about a potential new role, but are dismayed when they don’t hear any response from the recruiters.

  • Preventing Discrimination In Recruitment

    08 Aug 2023

    It’s very easy to slip into informal conversation mode during job interviews when things are going well, and when that happens, it’s just as easy to start asking questions that you wouldn’t have planned to on a formal basis. This is something to be very wary of as talking about the wrong subject matter, even inadvertently, can taint the whole interview process and leave the organisation open to potential litigation.

  • Why Some Recruiters Don't Publish Salaries In Their Adverts

    08 Aug 2023

    We see lots of vacancies advertised where salary details are missing, or replaced by words like ‘Competitive’,  ‘DOE’, ‘Market Leading’ and so on. Many candidates wonder why, and some are left thinking there’s a negative reason behind this such as the salary not being worth the applicant’s time.

  • Securing The Best Talent

    07 Aug 2023

    As recruiters, we all want to hire the best people possible, and we all know it’s not easy. Many think it’s all about offering the highest amount of cash possible to entice people away from the competition, but there’s so much more than money to think about - things that can make a major difference to your recruitment. Here are some pointers for the things we know are truly important:

  • Adjusting the Office Environment to reduce Sickness Absence

    07 Aug 2023

    When a staff member gets ill, it can sometimes leave us with a backlog of work. Unfortunately, it can’t always be helped. There are a huge number of factors that can be at fault when a staff member goes off sick.

  • Probation, Trial Period Or Fixed Term Contract: Which Is Best?

    04 Aug 2023

    It is important that the person who is selected for this job is the right one who can take on the job role and run with it, but how do you make sure you have recruited the best person for the job at this stage? There are a number of steps that you can take in order to ensure that you have the person you thought that you did in the interview.

  • What To Include In Your Job Adverts

    04 Aug 2023

    Whether you are advertising your vacancy online, or in the press, if you want a positive response to your advert (and no time wasting – on both sides), then there are some things you really should include, especially if there is no supporting documentation such as a detailed Job Description or Person Specification:

  • 8 Ways To Demotivate Your Staff

    03 Aug 2023

    We've collected a few examples over the years of practices we've seen in organisations which have led to some really disgruntled staff. (Please be assured - we aren't suggesting you do any of these: it's more that you have a read and hope that you aren't already putting any of these into practice...)

  • Going… going… gone!

    03 Aug 2023

    Moving on to pastures new can be a great thing for most people. They've been in a job long enough, they're going stale, they've run out of challenges, or they simply feel they are not valued or taken seriously by their manager. As their manager, regardless of your personal thoughts about the situation, make sure you get to the bottom of the reason they are going, before they've gone!

  • Are CVs Worth The Paper They Are Written On?

    02 Aug 2023

    We've probably all encountered interviews where we are asking people about the information in their CVs, such as their role as 'Head of something' or 'such and such Manager' when it becomes apparent that actually the candidate wasn't quite at the level they have claimed to be. You then realise that they shouldn't even have made it through to the interview stage in the first place.