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  • Combatting Office Politics with Team Building Ideas

    25 Jul 2023

    Office politics are one of many things that can hamper a work environment. The constant distractions and office chit chat can lead to a lack of productivity and performance, which in turn can stop a business moving forward. Unfortunately, controlling the situation as a manager can make it worse as your staff can also turn against you. So how do you remove these distractions?

  • Received A Poor Reference For Your New Hire?

    24 Jul 2023

    You’ve shortlisted, interviewed and made an offer to the candidate you thought very highly of. Then, as standard practice, you’ve written for references and to your dismay, you’ve received something which is far from glowing. What do you do? Here's our advice......

  • Assessing CVs: What You Should Be Looking For

    24 Jul 2023

    You’ve advertised a job and been inundated with applicants: dozens of CVs to look at, and not sure where to start? This is a perfectly normal response to being overwhelmed with job applications and you shouldn’t feel bad for feeling this way. Here are a few helpful 'dos' and 'don'ts' to help make the task of processing them easier.

  • Are You Prepared To Interview?

    21 Jul 2023

    Some find interviewing a doddle, others face sleepless nights for days beforehand. Whatever your confidence levels are, remember – the general idea of job interviews is to give candidates a great chance to show how good they could be in the job; your role in that is to make sure candidates have ample opportunity to shine.

  • Do You Need More Suitable Candidates For Your Jobs?

    21 Jul 2023

    Do you keep seeing the same applicants over and over for the jobs you advertise? Are you looking for new talent to bring in, but failing to attract the right people? It can be difficult to know what to do to break the deadlock in this circumstance. Have you thought about any of these ideas before going for the more expensive agency approach?

  • Running Out Of Ideas To Find New Staff?

    20 Jul 2023

    You've followed all the advice and recommendations your advisors have provided you with, but still fail to bring in applications from the type of people you are looking for. Have you ever tried a totally open approach to recruitment to see what results you get?

  • Stuck For Interview Questions?

    20 Jul 2023

    If you’re not overly comfortable carrying out job interviews, then read our advice below.

  • Questions You Should Not Ask When You're Interviewing

    19 Jul 2023

    In this day and age, with employment legislation continuing to make life as an employer a challenge, you need to be more careful than ever about what you ask your candidates at an interview. Make sure you always keep your questions related to a candidate’s ability to do the job. To help keep you on the path of least litigation, here are a few questions you need to avoid:

  • Using Social Media To Check Your Candidates Out?

    19 Jul 2023

    You've just received another batch of CVs to look through and you've some time to kill, so you decide to look your candidates up on various social media platforms.

  • Helping A Nervous Candidate Through A Job Interview

    18 Jul 2023

    Taking into account that the purpose of a job interview is to test the suitability of a candidate for a job, and give them the chance to do well, you should make every effort to allow people to perform at their best. We've set out below a few ideas for strategies to deal with these situations which you can try next time you're faced with a flustered and terrified looking interviewee: