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  • The 6 Secrets To Motivating Underperforming Staff

    02 Aug 2023

    It can be difficult to realise that you have staff who aren’t performing their duties to the best of their abilities and it can be worrying to think that you will have to deal with this at some point in the relatively near future. Our advice? Read on...

  • Employee References - Knowing When To Stop

    01 Aug 2023

    We were once approached by a manager who knew their employee had been looking for other work. There had been a real unsettling period and many staff were jumping ship. This manager wanted to do all he could to stop a certain employee from leaving, but the employee rolled up to his office one day and handed his notice in. In an attempt to keep this employee, he wanted to put the new employer off and make it look like they had made a really poor recruitment decision.

  • Seven Signs Of A Sad Workforce

    01 Aug 2023

    Managers would be well advised to keep a check on the mood of their staff. It's all well and good seeing people turn up for work and perform their tasks, but have you been able to work out how they are really feeling?

  • Top Tips For New Managers

    31 Jul 2023

    Regardless of the nature of the work they are involved in, newly appointed managers need to identify the skills they need to have to be good at their job.  We've put together some tips below for newly appointed managers

  • Who To Select For Interview - A Great Performer, Or A Rising Star?

    31 Jul 2023

    If you’re looking for staff, and all you have to go on is a bunch of CV’s, how do you know which one(s) to select for an interview? Here are our tips:

  • 6 Tips For Making Your Job Advert Work

    27 Jul 2023

    You’ve a job to fill, so you want your job advert to be noticed for the right reasons. Whether you are advertising your jobs online, or in print, here are a few tips for keeping you on the right track and get attention from the best candidates:

  • Did Your New Recruit Lie At Their Interview?

    27 Jul 2023

    It’s a sad but true fact that some candidates embellish the truth when describing their skills during the selection process. It’s down to recruiters to make sure they appoint the right candidate, which means screening, interview and reference processes have to be water-tight so that mistakes aren’t made.

  • The Necessity Of Exit Interviews

    26 Jul 2023

    Giving employees the opportunity to let you know why they are leaving can give you extremely valuable information you might not otherwise have obtained, and you will start to see the issues that contribute to employees' departures.

  • The Best Online Job Adverts

    26 Jul 2023

    Many recruiters are well-versed in developing job adverts to go onto their favourite selection of jobs boards. Some publish excellent adverts, and in so doing, manage to attract both quality and quantity so they have a great pool of candidates to consider. Some recruiters still have a way to go in refining their job adverts, so we thought a few simple tips might help:

  • Application Forms: Love ‘em Or Hate ‘em – They’re Still Here!

    25 Jul 2023

    It feels like they’ve been around for an eternity: for some, they can be seen as a very outdated way of collecting information about candidates; for others, they provide some consistency to the items of information you get from all candidates that you need to fairly compare and assess suitability.