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  • How to Choose a New Career

    14 Nov 2019

    When you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, it’s easy to dream about a career change, but planning to make that change and putting it into action can be difficult, especially if you don’t actually know where to start, or which path will get you there the easiest.

  • How to Make your CV Stand Out

    07 Nov 2019

    Creating an impressive CV is often one of the toughest challenges when applying for jobs. What makes it even tougher is knowing that employers may just spend a few seconds scanning through CVs before discarding them, so you have to make sure your CV really stands out!

  • The Benefits of being an Apprentice

    30 Oct 2019

    Becoming an apprentice once leaving school is a great way to earn while you learn, in addition, it offers you multiple options for selecting which industry you would like to work in.

  • Bullying and Harassment at Work

    04 Oct 2019

    Grievances are now on the increase across the UK, with many people using the bullying and harassment terminology to increase the perceived severity of their issue, making sure their employer takes their complaint seriously.

  • Office Romance..... Good or Bad?

    02 Oct 2019

    Beginning a new relationship can be nerve-wracking for most, but if the person you’ve just started dating is also a colleague, you may encounter some challenges…..

  • What to do if you hate your job....

    25 Sep 2019

    Sadly, many people work in jobs they dislike. Going to work each day knowing that you’re not going to enjoy the following 8 or 9 hours can cause you to think negatively, and this generally gets worse as time goes on if nothing changes to improve the situation. Such feelings can lead to an increase in anxiety levels and other mental health problems, as well as an increase in sickness absence levels.

  • Struggling with work this summer more than usual?

    08 Aug 2019

    We’re currently going through a bit of a shift; many of us can feel it. We can see the turmoil the world is facing with ongoing tensions, and the change in weather can affect us as a collective without us actually realising. When it comes to work, we may feel less motivated and slightly down in the dumps, but this change comes with it’s own benefits.

  • Flexible Working

    29 Jul 2019

    As the weather heats up, bosses in the UK have been urged to let staff work flexible hours. As TUC boss Frances O’Grady said: 'Nobody should be made to suffer in the heat for the sake of keeping up appearances.”

  • Mental Health in the Workplace

    19 Jul 2019

    Understanding mental health is difficult, there are many levels of different of emotions, and in work, if you’re not enjoying your job or not using your skills to your full potential, you’re never going to enjoy it fully.

  • Getting your Body Language Right in Interviews

    16 Jul 2019

    Interviews can be stressful situations for many of us. Facing a barrage of difficult questions can cause all sorts of emotions, but can also mean we forget how we appear to our interviewers as we formulate our answers. Here are a few tips to remember when you’re approaching, or sat in the hot-seat.