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  • Finding a Decent Recruitment Agency

    29 Aug 2023

    Many recruitment agencies receive bad press, for many different reasons. There are large numbers of agencies operating in the UK, and with varying degrees of candidate care. As a candidate approaching an agency to register your details, here are some of the things you should be looking out for:

  • What is an Apprenticeship?

    23 Aug 2023

    Many people have heard of apprenticeships but aren’t all that sure what they actually entail in practice. Apprenticeships are real jobs that people are paid to do, and they also incorporate an academic component, so you will receive an academic qualification once it has been completed.

  • How Much do Apprentices Earn?

    22 Aug 2023

    One of the reasons to start an apprenticeship is the chance to earn while you learn, rather than paying for expensive university education and it may be a good idea to outline the reality of how much apprentices can expect to earn.

  • Who Can Start an Apprenticeship?

    22 Aug 2023

    It is a common misunderstanding about apprenticeships that they are often thought to only be for young school leavers with few formal qualifications who want to continue their education outside of a school environment. This view of apprenticeships is outdated and doesn’t bear much resemblance to the reality of the current situation. Apprenticeships offer new opportunities to people of all ages and are a significant part of re-skilling when deciding on a career change.

  • Redundancy Support for Apprentices

    21 Aug 2023

    Unfortunately, redundancy is a fact of life across all sectors and even apprenticeships aren’t immune to economic pressures that weigh on many companies. This may lead to a situation where you are made redundant from your apprenticeship before it has been completed. If this happens to you, it is not necessarily the end of your apprenticeship and we will outline some options below for getting help.

  • Types of Apprenticeship

    21 Aug 2023

    There are many apprenticeships spread across a multitude of different subject areas that largely correspond to the job roles that the apprentices will take on when they are working with their company. What is less well understood is that there are also different “types” of apprenticeship based on the academic level of them.

  • Apprenticeship Advice for Parents and Teachers

    18 Aug 2023

    Apprenticeships aren’t as well understood by parents and teachers as other further and higher education options and this can be a disadvantage to young people who may not realise that an excellent option that meets their needs is out there.

  • Leaving an Apprenticeship

    18 Aug 2023

    Nobody can force you to continue an apprenticeship that you have realised isn’t for you, but many companies will be wary of taking you on if you have already left one apprenticeship, so it pays to put in the extra research beforehand to ensure you are doing something that you are keen to continue with.

  • How to Apply for an Apprenticeship

    17 Aug 2023

    Applying to start an apprenticeship can be a significant step on the career ladder. Whether you are a school leaver looking to develop your skills and gain experience or an older employee looking for a career change or advancement within your current career, there is an apprenticeship that is custom-designed to suit you.

  • Reasons to Start an Apprenticeship

    17 Aug 2023

    There are many reasons to start an apprenticeship, and they are an excellent way to get on the career ladder in the profession that you want to pursue.