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  • Tips for Completing a Job Application Form

    19 May 2023

    Many companies (especially large firms) use application forms when recruiting: this is because they can quickly and efficiently get a response for those questions they need answering the most, which is difficult and time consuming if trying to achieve the same goal with CVs. Application forms also make it much easier to compare candidates with one another.  We’ve included a few basics below which we hope help you submit a great application:

  • How to Apply for an Apprenticeship

    18 May 2023

    An apprenticeship is a great way of getting your career started, by gaining work experience whilst also working towards a formal qualification. Apprenticeships are an increasingly popular alternative to going into full time employment or heading off to university. However, with the increase in popularity, success is also more difficult to achieve.

  • Did You Fluff Up Your Job Interview?

    18 May 2023

    There are very few mistakes that you can make in a job interview that are completely insurmountable, so try not to worry too much and think about the actions that you can take to rectify it instead. Realising you’ve made a bad mistake can, in itself, be quite unsettling and can have the effect of making the rest of your interview quite uncomfortable. However, here's our advice for ensuring that doesn’t happen, and getting you back on track for the job.

  • 7 out of 10 Recruiters look for Communication Skills on a CV

    17 May 2023

    When it comes to applying for a new job, you’ll want to put yourself ahead of the rest. On that basis, it might give you an edge to know that 7 out of 10 recruiters look for evidence of strong communication skills when recruiting. Having a workforce with great communication skills leads to better teamwork, improved customer relationships and retention, and overall better business performance, so it’s a skill never to be hidden from view.

  • Interview Techniques and Tips

    17 May 2023

    There are many types of interview styles during recruitment. With the onslaught of digital technology and its infinite global reach, you can find a variety of ways to be interviewed.  It could be a telephone interview, video, group, individual, or three-stage interview – it all depends on the company recruiting and their in-house methods of assessing potential employees’ skills.

  • Considering an Internship?

    16 May 2023

    Have you ever thought about applying for an Internship? Are you interested but would like to know what they are all about? Then read on:

  • When to Apply for an Apprenticeship

    16 May 2023

    Apprenticeships are a great way to learn a totally new job; successful applicants for apprenticeships receive training from both employer and education provider, and earn money at the same time! This is sometimes referred to as earning as you are learning and it makes apprenticeships an increasingly attractive option.

  • How to Apply for a Job Online

    15 May 2023

    If you're about to start your online job search, here are some essential tips to help you improve your chance of success once you've clicked the job search link. It can be a daunting task to begin looking for a job on the internet as there are many recruitment sites out there, and you may have to explore several of them to find the ones that you want to use.

  • 10 Pretty Dire Interview Mistakes

    15 May 2023

    Have you ever wondered what to avoid doing when you're being interviewed? We've heard of some unique and horrendous blunders, but there are some quite common ones you really should try and avoid:

  • References - and how Recruiters handle them

    12 May 2023

    The one aspect of the recruitment process you have little control over is the part when your potential future employer asks your past employer whether you’ll be able to cut the mustard before they officially employ you. Many candidates are pretty nervous about this aspect of the hiring process simply because they have little idea what the new employer will ask and how the old employer will respond.