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Interview Techniques and Tips

17 May 2023

There are many types of interview styles during recruitment. With the onslaught of digital technology and its infinite global reach, you can find a variety of ways to be interviewed.  It could be a telephone interview, video, group, individual, or three-stage interview – it all depends on the company recruiting and their in-house methods of assessing potential employees’ skills.

Whatever type of interview you have for a job, from informal to formal, there are some excellent pointers on how to conduct yourself and be a candidate that stands out for all of the right reasons.

Here are Our Bobs Jobs’ key tips for success:


Study the company and anything newsworthy about it. How long have they been operating? Read about the company’s ethos and values. What is important to them? Who will be interviewing you? It’s good to have background knowledge of who you are considering working for and to familiarise yourself with the surrounding information of the company: it shows you’ve taken a genuine interest in the company and job.


Write some sample interview-style practice questions and then ask a friend or family member to give you a mock interview you and give you some feedback on your answers. If you’re unfamiliar with interviews, creating a replica scenario can help you be prepared for the interviewer asking you questions, and how you could respond to them. 

Competency-based interviews

What does competency-based mean? In a nutshell, it’s a process that will test your competencies! Desirable skills and attributes that an employer could look for during your interview include: problem solving, leadership, teamwork skills and communication. An interviewee’s individual skillset can be demonstrated by asking direct questions, such as: “Can you describe an instance in a past job where you have had to use your leadership skills to solve a problem with staff members?” Your responses will help a potential employer assess your abilities.

Research about competency based interviews and how they might be presented to you. Whilst not all interviews are competency-based, by understanding this technique, you will gain a great insight into how to structure an answer to possible questions in an interview.

Your CV

What does your CV look like? Is it up-to-date and relevant? Study your current CV to find skills from your past jobs pertinent to the one you’re applying for. This way, you can find ways of presenting past experience and skills during your interview.

Is your CV in need of a once-over check from a professional? Contact us – we can help. We can provide a free CV check and advise you on how to improve it. We also offer a CV creation service, so if you need a new one designed, just call us on 01772 633854 and we will be happy to assist. 

Finally…relax!  Prepare your outfit the day before and get a good night’s sleep. If the interview occurs at an unfamiliar location, ensure you arrive in good time so you’re not flustered or anxious. Confidence is a big part of your self-presentation.