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  • How to Choose a New Career

    17 Apr 2023

    When you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, it’s easy to dream about a career change, but planning to make that change and putting it into action can be difficult, especially if you don’t actually know where to start, or which path will get you there the easiest and the fastest. 

  • Another New Year! New Job Too?

    14 Apr 2023

    For lots of people, January is a time when we hope for change; it’s the beginning of another year where we aim to become masters of our own destiny. For some, this could mean looking for a new career or learning new skills which will help us achieve those goals.

  • Gig Working: Why Does the Gig Working Economy Continue to Grow?

    14 Apr 2023

    Gig working is growing increasingly popular. More people are choosing to work in temporary positions as a freelancer or independent contractor. It has grown in popularity thanks to many big businesses such as Uber and food delivery company Deliveroo. They both helped drive the market as it resulted in more independent job opportunities for many people.

  • Applying for Jobs when you have no Work History

    13 Apr 2023

    Leaving school, college or University can be daunting especially when you begin looking for a job. While being in education, you will often receive limited advice on how to write a CV, but actually applying for a job can feel difficult if you have no work experience to show.

  • Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Writing a CV

    13 Apr 2023

    Having a great CV could be your ultimate way of getting the job you want or the attention you need from recruiters. Making sure your CV is up to scratch and presentable for potential employers is something that requires special attention if you want to give your career a boost.

  • How Recruitment is Affected by Coronavirus

    12 Apr 2023

    It feels as if the UK is coming to a halt - many industries have stopped trading: pubs, restaurants, gyms, theatres, and lots of people are already out of work, or in a massively vulnerable position because of coronavirus. So, what's happening with recruitment? Is anyone recruiting during the pandemic? The short answer - yes!

  • Here are the Sectors Still Recruiting Staff

    12 Apr 2023

    There are reports out there which state 700,000 UK jobs have been lost due to the pandemic. But, despite these worrying numbers, there are sectors which are trading safely and healthily, with targets to expand and capitalise on their successes over the past 12 months.