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Targeting Talent - The Challenges of Hiring the Perfect Candidate

21 Oct 2019

There are many challenges when it comes to recruiting staff, but one of the main hiring headaches in this modern day is attracting and placing the right candidates!

Whether it’s because of competition from other recruiters or businesses, or an exacting person specification for a job, many recruiters and HR teams find recruiting good candidates their biggest challenge.

Here are some top tips for hiring…

1. Understand the Job

The best hiring decisions begin with a job description which accurately reflects the duties and the success factors you need for the position in question.

It’s important to identify the behaviours, skills and qualities which are required for the role, and the company.  Make sure this information is obvious within the job description.  Once you’ve done this, you can then formulate a clear hiring criteria which will make the selection process a lot simpler. 

2. Slow down

Recruiters often get a little snowed under with work, but it’s important not to rush decision making when you are hiring someone, regardless of how much you’e got going on. Spend time screening candidates to make sure they’re right for the position, so you can avoid anything going wrong further down the line.  Mistakes made can cost a great deal of your time later on!

3. Ask Yourself Questions about the candidate

When selecting a candidate, sum up their CV, interview and any other interactions you’ve had with them and then answer the following questions:

  • Is the candidate experienced enough for the job?
  • Are they motivated and will they enjoy this role?
  • Is the candidate interested in learning new skills?
  • Are they a fit for the company’s team culture?
  • Is the person manageable?

By answering these questions, you will be able to see clearly if the candidate is right for the role or not. If you can’t answer one or two of these questions, it highlights that you may need more information from the candidate, so you should talk to them again before making a decision. 

4. Learn from your past mistakes

Think back to your previous candidates: have they succeeded in the position they’ve been placed in by you? If they haven’t, what could you have done differently?

Not all your hiring decisions will work out. You can do all the right things when hiring, and still end up with a person who isn’t a match.  However, if you’re careful about the selection and interview process, and if you listen to your gut instinct when necessary, you’ll have a much better chance of getting your next great employee.

Make sure you look beyond what the candidate has written on paper. The best candidate should have the most necessary skills but also have the potential to grow and be a culture fit for the job, team and business.


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