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Refreshing your Candidate Attraction Strategies

09 Oct 2019

A job in recruitment can be an exciting and rewarding career, but like many other roles, if you want to do well, it will require focus, determination and masses of sheer hard work.

Whether you’re new to recruitment or have been working in the sector for a long time, keeping your strategies up to date and understanding the ever-changing market is vital.

Your candidate attraction strategies may include many different techniques, but are they still in date? What worked 5 years ago may not work as well now, so refreshing how you find and hire the best talent is always worthwhile, just to ensure your practices are current and are optimizing your chances of successful outcomes. 

Here are some important tips that should be included in your plans to refresh how your candidate attraction strategies are looking:

·      Fully understand your client's hiring needs, so that you are looking for the right match.  Don’t just find out about the technicalities of the job, but understand the company values and culture, so that you are able to find candidates who can fit in with the business, as well as do the job well.

·      Fully understand the sector you’re working in! This may seem like a no brainer, but some recruiters will often work across multiple sectors without fully understanding how a sector operates.  Building your understanding will help you figure out who to target, as you’ll start to learn about how people might move around in the sector.

·      Make the best use of social media to find people who may not even be on the hunt for a job.  There are some great ways to target people on various platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, so make sure the right people see the ads you place online.

·      To widen the net for potential candidates, refer-a-friend schemes can really bring benefits to a recruiter. Again, you’ll find people who might not be on the market right now, but now you know them, you’re improving your potential field of candidates when another job comes up.

·      Above all, make sure you provide a fantastic candidate experience, whether they do, or don’t, get the job.  That way you are certain to get their attention next time you find a job which could be their ideal next move.

Some of the tips above may seem simple, but in recruitment, time pressures and competition can cause us to miss the most important steps and consequently, this can lead us to losing candidates and clients.

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