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What questions should you ask at your Interview?

11 Jul 2019

What questions should you ask at your Interview?

We've all been there - the point near the end of the interview when, across the table, one of the interviewers looks you in the eye and asks 'So, what questions do you have for us?'. 

The important thing to remember, for any interview, is that you want to appear prepared. On that basis, you should be asking questions that make the interviewers feel you've done some homework. So, before you go along, do your research, make sure you know what the company is all about, and work out some questions you can be sure will demonstrate you are serious about this job. 

Here are some great examples of questions we've been asked, and ones which hopefully you could turn into relevant questions for your next interview:

  1. I've seen the company has a clear set of values it expects its employees to adhere to. How does the company promote these amongst its workforce? 
  2. I understand that you place a great deal of emphasis on staff development, and ensuring everyone reaches their full potential. What sort of a development programme do you put in place for staff new to the company? 
  3. I've seen that the company takes a great deal of interest in local community development and initiatves. What opportunities are there for staff to be involved in these? 
  4. Reading your webite, I noticed that you are developing a new product / service. It seems like an exciting new venture and I was wondering how you are providing opportunities for existing staff to become involved in it's launch. 

Some brief examples there, but food for thought.

Of course there are a million more possible questions, but the main principle of each should be that you have done your homework, and you ask questions that will impress your interviewers.