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Getting your Body Language Right in Interviews

16 Jul 2019

Getting your Body Language Right in Interviews …

Interviews can be stressful situations for many of us. Facing a barrage of difficult questions can cause all sorts of emotions, but can also mean we forget how we appear to our interviewers as we formulate our answers.

Here are a few tips to remember when you’re approaching, or sat in the hot-seat.

1.     Keep your posture neutral, i.e. sit upright. Don’t lean back (it can look lazy or arrogant) and don’t lean forward (which can be construed as aggression). Just sit up straight and keep your head upright.

2.     Don’t’ cross your arms – it looks defensive, and is something interviewees tend to do when they are feeling threatened or uneasy about a question.

3.     Maintain eye contact with your interviewers. If there are numerous interviewers, then talk to all of them as you are answering your questions rather than leaving one or more out of the conversation.

4.     Don’t fidget. Playing with your hair, rubbing your neck, or constantly shifting about in your seat can make your interviewers think you’re not interested.

And finally…..

5.     Smile!!  Yes we know – nerves sometimes prevent this, but you really need to do it. Start by smiling as you go into the interview room, and keep smiling as you are greeting the people about to give you a grilling.