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How to Apply for an Apprenticeship

18 Jun 2019

How to Apply for an Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a great way of getting your career started, by gaining work experience whilst also working towards a formal qualification. Apprenticeships are an increasingly popular alternative to going into full time employment or heading off to university. However, with the increase in popularity, success is increasingly difficult to achieve.  

First and foremost, search for an apprenticeship that suits you! This is key, finding something which is suited to your interests and experiences is essential, not only for being successful but for finding the career path that’s right for you. There’s no point being successful for an apprenticeship if it’s something you know you won’t enjoy. 

Once you have found the role(s) which suit you, getting the application right is key.  Apprenticeships usually require the completion of a bespoke application form, whether online or downloadable. One useful method of making it easier to write about yourself on these forms is by printing off any CV’s, cover letters or personal statements you may already have used, as well as anything else that might help you with the application. Having these prompts by your side will be helpful when finding points to speak about in the appropriate forms.

Another useful tip to consider when applying for apprenticeships is to have a fresh start every time you apply for a new one. You might be thinking that this will be more time consuming and require a lot more effort, but it will help the application appear more genuine and will make each application stand out for being specific.

Be sure to sell yourself in your application, tell the employer why you’re the right candidate – what you bring to the table. Look into the advert, identify what they are looking for, i.e. what qualities make an ideal candidate. Link your skills to the ones they are looking for and outline your interests, strengths and experience, giving evidence that you are the person they need.

Be sure to include information about your hobbies and interests that are not limited to work, this will give a recruiter a better insight as you what type of person you are, it will also help to make you stand out from the crowd.  This is especially effective if your personal interests have helped you develop some of the skills they are seeking.

Be sure to proof read any application you send off at least once. Employers can receive hundreds of applications for apprenticeships, so the better worded and punctuated an application the more likely a recruiter is to take an interest. Ask a friend or family member to read over it too as a fresh pair of eyes can spot mistakes much easier.

And finally, don’t forget your contact information! One common and critical mistake people make is forgetting to include enough contact information! Double check there are one or two ways a recruiter can contact you. Also, make sure your credentials are appropriate, do not include personal email addresses that are jokey or inappropriate: something with your name in would be ideal.