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Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Writing a CV

28 Nov 2019

Having a great CV could be your ultimate way of getting the job you want or the attention you need from recruiters. Making sure your CV is up to scratch and presentable for potential employers is something that requires special attention if you want to give your career a boost.

Check out the five tips and tricks below for producing a CV good enough to get you the ticket for an invitation to an interview.

1. Tailor your CV to the industry that you are applying for. 

I know sometimes it can be tempting to include all of your employment history and experience in your CV. However, if you add too much irrelevant information then this can turn recruiters off. 

The easiest way to maintain copies of different CVs for different jobs is to create a master CV. On a master CV, you should include all of the details of your previous work experience and employment. This way, you have a template ready for you when applying for any future jobs. When it comes to applying for a specific role, you can remove all of the irrelevant information from your master CV that does not apply to the job you are applying for. Save this as a new CV copy. For example, you may have a Customer Service CV, a Support Worker CV or a Team Leader CV etc... 

2. Is your CV easily readable in 9 seconds?

Your CV should be such that it is very easy to read and allows for quick glances. According to studies, it only takes an average of 8.8 seconds for recruiters to look over one CV. Try to make sure your CV does not exceed two A4 sides, by keeping information simple and compact. 

The best way to achieve a readable CV is to have a consistent format and structure throughout your CV. Make a distinction between the different headings and section of writings by using different font and sizes for them throughout your CV.

3. Have a profile statement.

Since it only takes a short amount of time for recruiters to review a CV, it is best to have one section of the CV that can offer a quick summary of what to expect from an employee like you. 

The profile statement should be positioned at the top-middle of the CV, as this is the first place that recruiters first glance. The profile statement should confirm what you are seeking and how you can be an ideal candidate for the job that you are applying for.

4. Understand the job description.

Understanding what your recruiter wants from you can help you create the right CV. You must read and understand what the job description is asking from you, especially the part where it tells you what they are looking for in an ideal candidate. 

If you feel that you meet those ideals, then use those exact words in your profile statement, skills and experience section. That way, when a recruiter looks at those sections they will feel like you are ticking their checklist!

5. Keep your CV updated.

It is vital to keep updating your CV as you continue to develop on a professional, as well as personal level. If you have acquired a new skill or completed a new job or a project then include this on your CV. Potential employers may look for specific skills that make candidates with an added experience or skill stand out and unique to other applicants.