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Did you Fluff Up your Job Interview?

18 Jun 2019

Did you Fluff Up your Job Interview?

Ever been in that situation where you’re mid-interview and realise you’ve either: 

  • Said something actually quite silly
  • Given a bad example of past work experience, or
  • Totally forgotten to mention something vitally important? 

Realising you’ve fluffed can, in itself, be quite unsettling and can have the effect of ruining the rest of your interview. However, our advice for ensuring that doesn’t happen, and get you back on track for the job, is as follows: 

  1. As soon as you realised you’ve fluffed, wait for the next natural pause in the proceedings (e.g. after you've answered a question).
  2. Ask your interviewer if you can go back over an earlier point or question
  3. Explain that you said something earlier that you’d like to either:
    1. clarify further (i.e. making the ‘something silly’ sound sensible)
    2. Recap on an earlier question, and provide a more suitable example of your experience, or
    3. Add something to an earlier answer that you omitted to include
  4. Your interviewer should have no problem allowing you to rectify an issue, as it’s their job to help you give your best at interview. So, once you get the nod, go ahead and say what you should have said in the first place.
  5. Once you’ve dealt with the ‘fluff’ thank your interviewer for allowing you to interrupt, and then the interview can get back into full flow!