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How to Apply for a Job Online

13 Jun 2019

How to Apply for a Job Online

If you're about to start your online job search, here are some important tips to help you improve your chance of success once you've clicked the job search link. 

1. Before you even start looking, make sure your CV is up to date.  When you see a job online you want to apply for, chances are you'll want to be able to hit the 'Upload and Apply' button without having to sign out, rejig your CV and find that job again! 

2. When you've found your ideal career move, if the site you are applying through asks a whole host of personal / demographic questions, don't rush through them.  Some may be vital in terms of you being selected for interview, so be as thorough and honest as you need to be. 

3. If there is space for a cover letter / note to be included then make sure you include something! Leaving this space blank will encourage the recruiter to think you're just sending your CV in without any serious interest in the job. Even if you don't have much time to include a full-on cover letter, include some brief text confirming how ideal you are for the role, how the skills / qualifications you have are a perfect fit, and outlining your serious interest in the position. 

4. Watch out for the same job being advertised in lots of different places! Many recruiters and agencies advertise the same jobs on quite a few job sites, so be sure not to apply for the same one more than once! If anything this can make you appear somewhat desperate. 

5. And finally, make sure the email address you provide (both in your CV and when registering on online job sites) is a sensible one! Such addresses as 'hotbabe@' and 'beermonster@' won't go down too well :-)