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Mental Health in the Workplace

19 Jul 2019

Understanding mental health is difficult, there are many levels of different of emotions, and in work, if you’re not enjoying your job or not using your skills to your full potential, you’re never going to enjoy it fully.

Everyone has a goal they want to achieve in life, sometimes it’s simplicity and sometimes it’s bigger. Finding a career to suit that goal can be difficult and you often settle into a job that doesn’t feel right - this in itself can cause mental health problems.

Mental health is tedious, sometimes you enjoy your job, other times you feel like hiding away and taking a long holiday, it’s all about balance.

How to find balance:

Write down what you want to be doing on a daily basis and see which jobs are the most relatable - ideally the job you choose shouldn’t feel like a job - more of a hobby.

If this isn’t a possibility for you, try to look at how much free time you have and how you can utilize this to the fullest. Try and break routine, being in the same 9-5 can often feel like you’re going nowhere and can be a little too slow.

Life isn’t all about work, but you can put your own uniqueness into the everyday. If you’re not enjoying your job, look for ways to make it more fun. Add your own style to the everyday, change one thing you’re doing at work that will create more positivity. Start focusing more on yourself and learning more about what triggers different mental health issues as they may not be the same thing.

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