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How to Make your CV Stand Out

07 Nov 2019

Creating an impressive CV is often one of the toughest challenges when applying for jobs. What makes it even tougher is knowing that employers may just spend a few seconds scanning through CVs before discarding them, so you have to make sure your CV really stands out.

1)   Tailor your CV for the job role you’re applying for

Most people will often have one CV that they use for all jobs they apply for: having a generic CV can mean you miss critical points that don’t quite meet the job description of the job you’re applying for.

A CV can’t ordinarily be one size fits all: instead, spend some time adding and highlighting the important skills and experiences tyou have which relate to the job description.

2)   Add a personal statement

A personal statement is usually the first thing an employer or recruiter will read on your CV, so you need to ensure you include one! Being confronted by a list of your past jobs at the start of your CV won't look good.  However, a well written personal statement can make a massive difference to first impressions when the recruiter is looking a pile of CVs.

Your personal statement is important as it helps ‘set the scene’ and allows an employer to feel more engaged with you, and understand who you are.

Keep your statement brief around 150 words to avoid boring the person reading it.

3)   Keep it concise

A CV that is too long is a big no no! Try to keep your CV to a maximum of two pages where possible. You can achieve this by only including relevant information and avoiding unnecessary personal details or repetition.

4)   Make it stand out

If you’re not much of a designer, look for a downloadable template or use an online software such as Canva to find a CV template that’s easy to edit.

Having a CV that stands out will grab the attention of the employer / recruiter better. Some CV designs are also quite good at allowing more information to be added without it looking like there’s too much writing.

5)   Ask for feedback

If you find yourself making changes to your CV and still not having any luck, ask for feedback! Feedback is a great way to get free advice from the professionals.  Alternatively, use a CV review service that will offer insights and valuable feedback on where your CV can be improved. Even the automated CV review services add some value.

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