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Gig Working: Why does the Gig Economy Continue to Grow?

26 Nov 2019

When people first began gig working, many predicted it wouldn’t last: they saw it as a lost cause and yet, it continues to thrive.

Gig working is growing increasingly popular. More people are choosing to work in temporary positions as a freelancer or independent contractor. It has grown in popularity thanks to many big businesses such as Uber and food delivery company Deliveroo. They both helped drive the market as it resulted in more independent job opportunities for many people.

Since then, many more sectors are catching the gig working bug. Many marketers, graphic designers or indeed other people only require a computer to do their job and can now techinically become a gig worker, so it’s actually quite easy to get hired if you have the right skill set!

For businesses, there’s a huge benefit in a gig economy.  It save resources in terms of benefits, office space and training and employers have the ability to contract with experts for specific projects who might be too highly-priced to hire full-time.

Although it may not seem like a steady stream of income for some workers, the “gig economy” or “freelance economy” allows workers to earn all or part of their income from short-term contracts where they are paid for individual tasks, assignments, or jobs.

It offers additional benefits for workers, who can often work remotely and on a more flexible basis allowing a better work/ life balance. In addition, it gets rid of micro-managing, which can be a big complaint in many industries. Working independently also allows a person to flourish and become more creative in how they manage their workload.

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